The key to learn and speak language is what…It’s nothing but to listen more. The more you listen, the better you speak. This is the reason why all of us are good at Mother tongue. Now, to speak good English with zero regional accent, your kid needs to listen more.

Why fables (Moral Stories)?

Is listening stories is going to make your Child a better person really? Well, the answer is ‘yes’. Stories are the best way you get to know the World, expanding horizons of imagination and creativity – and your child would also go through these emotions. Moral Stories (fables) boost your child’s brain with respect to logic, morals, reasoning and most importantly – mastering language.


Improves Memory

A well heard story keeps the memory working since Child has to keep track of the story (what-when-why).

Improves Imagination

Most of the classic stories mention about things which our kids don't see frequently in their daily life. After listening or reading fables, they think and imagine about how those things would appear. Such activities during listening will improve their knowledge and imagination power.

Develop Moral Values

Moral stories are short and directly put forth the message which is easily understandable by the child. He learns manners, social behavior and respect for others

Improves Speaking Skills

Since it is audio stories, Listening more helps to speak good English. Repeatedly listening the phrases/words in different contexts increases the child’s confidence for using them in his routine conversation.

Reading Preparedness

Children should be exposed to as many books, words, and sounds as possible so that they will develop into masters of reading and comprehension. By listening to the audio fables, children can hear important sight words, learn how to pronounce appropriately, and expand their vocabularies.



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