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About Us.

Nurture the Genius Within You

Wizycom Nurture is a whole new concept of learning in the field of ‘after-school’ education that it uses a bottom-up approach, focusing on improving higher cognitive skills, such as attention, memory, concentration, communication and decision-making.

Our interactive online and physical modules that target every major system of the brain thatsupports the entire learning cycle, grounded in research about how children learn best. Our vision is to build a next generation of lifelong learners who possess the skills, accuracy,creativity to make an impact in the fast pacing knowledge driven world.

Some of the areas our modules target include:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Memory Enhancement
  • Concentration Skills
  • Math Skills
  • Speed & Accuracy
  • Language Skills
  • Creativity

At Wizycom Nurture, we understand that children are meant to learn through active participation. Wizycom Nurture has embedded carefully designed tailor made ‘After-School’ interactive learning modules which are specifically designed to obtain the maximum potential of students.

When children are actively engaged through our interactive learning and activity modules,their creativity flourishes and they show a greater interest in school.

  • Personalised training based on Interest, likes, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Technology oriented.
  • Amplified learning and teaching experiences
  • Interactive and learner-centric


Team of passionate people work to make the quality education reach all parts of the world to create a better world of people with skills


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vision of the company

Our Vision

Cultivating the next generation of lifelong learners who possess the skills, attitude, creativityand drive to impact the knowledge driven modern world.

Our Mission

Enhance skills and knowledge through unique and scientifically proven ‘after school’ braintraining programs to enhance academic and personal performance.
mission of the company

Our Story

More than a decade ago, a young and passionate student Arjun Valiyaparambil was inspiredto find a better way to teach skills that matters to children a lifetime.

He observed a skill gap persists in kids though many are taking extra classes and tuitions,which are all restricted to their school syllabus. This leads to a serious disconnect betweenthe students’ basic skills training and the curriculum they were expected to master in theyears to come. They weren’t being prepared in the right manner for their future.

Arjun set out on a mission: to find a platform that would provide children with the strongfoundation they can excel or finetune their skills. Over the next three years, he painstakinglydeveloped and assembled a blend of methods and materials. Instead of relying ontraditional rote memorization and repetitive exercises, Arjun’s work focused on helpingchildren develop their skills by nurturing the skills that are there within themselves.

And it is well received. As Arjun’s innovations gained wide circulation over the years, he hasmade student base in few Countries including India, Oman, Spain and Kuwait. He beganteaching from his materials including text books and computer aided softwares.

During the initial years, he was concentrating more on Abacus (later turned as a popularbrand name AbacusMaster) which attracted students from many Countries. Students foundthe curriculum and the techno aids to be incredibly powerful and engaging . As evidence ofhow effective it is, Wizycom Nurture’s first brand AbacusMaster have centers sprung upacross more than 30+ Countries now. During 2015, he launched the online learningplatforms which has users from almost all Countries now.

Today, Wizycom Nurture is providing skill based ‘after-school’ education for children all overthe world that has helped to increase confidence, critical thinking skills, communication andmathematical ability that last a lifetime.