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Make it a habit...Let’s Puzzle

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Vedic Mathematics

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Wizycom's products and services are used by student community in more than 140 Countries. As an intern, any innovative contribution you make can instantly help millions of students learn whatever they like, wherever they are, whenever they want. If this type of educational revolution excites you as much as it does us, we need your valuable help to educate the entire world.

If you’re a person who can hold a coffee in one hand and CONFIDENCE on other, drop us a mail at hr@wizycom.com

We treat our internship program as the most important source of our full-time recruiting. During your internship journey, you'll have all support from the Management and Technical team who make sure you're cultivating the skills you need. Something's in your way? Let us know, we'll fix it.

The people you'll work with comes from different expertise and experiences and are available to teach you new tricks and tell stories about their past. And we also will come to know your stories and can learn from it. Whatever you're working on, you'll find a teammate interested in helping you learn.